Week 5: Pepeha and My Design

This week we learned the importance of introducing ourselves and our background in a culturally appropriate way. A pepeha is the Maori way of doing this. We had to write our own Pepeha for us to memorize and say before we present our designs to the class.

  • Ko Rangitoto te māunga
  • Ko Tamaki te waka
  • Nō Polska ahau
  • Ko Lila rāua ko Simon ōku mātua *
  • Ko Aleksandra tōku ingoa

Site Model and Presenting

In our groups we also started to discuss how we would collectively help one another present as we will each need a hand to shuffle around the models and make our own designs visible. Our group model is made up of three main pieces; the base (with contours, and the pocket forest,) the base of the main building (which we are not altering) and another piece which sits on the roof to complete the model in the most aesthetically matching way as possible. under the two building pieces sits our basement / bathing design.

I also drew up some designs for the bath house but I was not really satsfied with them.


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