Week 9- Materiality and Detail

The Bathhouse- Surfaces


Ceiling- Recycled Rimu wood (held by beams like second image ^)

Throughout the bathhouse I wanted to add interest and cosines by bringing some of New Zealand’s forest indoors. Rimu is one of the most popular of our native timbers. Because it was used extensively in older character homes as both a structural and finishing timber, it is probably New Zealand’s best known native species. Rimu has been proven as a remarkably versatile and exceptionally beautiful timber. Good supplies of recycled rimu are available from a range of suppliers and demolition timber yards. Rimu timber can also be sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Walls around the pool and bar area

Image result for white stone wall
Arctic White Stacked Stone- Marble

Arctic White marble ledger panels feature striking and dynamic white stone. This split face finish is natural and ideal for interior and exterior wall design projects.  I have chosen this white stone as it makes the space feel light and open, since the only main source of natural light is through the opening to the pocket forest.

On the kiddie pool side wall is the water feature where water trickles down this bumpy surface and into the kiddie pool. The texture adds depth to the walls and matches the white glossy subway tiles in the bathroom.

Pool Finishes

I wanted to add a Stonescape pool finish over the concrete build pools. I especially like the regular pebble range as it was the most natural looking and I wanted to give my bathhouse a more authentic, organic feel where people visiting feel more one with nature. NPT’s StoneScapes combines artistry with durability and comfort to create the perfect finish for any pool or spa. I want to use the colour salt and pepper as it will open up the bathing area giving it a clean and tranquil feel while still having some depth and warmth with the grey and yellow flecks. This colour will also blend in nicely to the white stone wall around the pool which will make for a clean transition.

white StoneScapes

NPT StoneScapes (regular pebble range)


Salt & Pepper StoneScapes

NPT StoneScapes (regular pebble range)

Salt and Pepper

Sand Regular Pebbles StoneScapes

NPT StoneScapes (regular pebble range)


Black StoneScapes

NPT StoneScapes (regular pebble range)


Pool Decking

For the flooring around the pools and throughout the main bathhouse areas i’m using Macrocarpa wood (cypress). I like the pale colour with the contrast of the darker, warmer rimu ceiling feature. This wood also does not need treating. Permanently shaded areas will become slippery so regular maintenance (water blasting) of the Macrocarpa deck is needed. Decking is usually grooved to reduce slipperiness. A surface coating of high built glassfibre-reinforced epoxy coating may be needed to prevent wear and tear. Screw fixing may be preferable to nail fixing although decking nails are resistant to popping.

Image result for macrocarpa wood


The 10 columns holding up the basement level of the Dadley Building is a structural element which has really become a feature in my design. I added two more round columns at the end of the Bathhouse from entering, to make a Roman style fountain/play area, Of course these columns aren’t shaped like the old traditional ones, but they hold a classic stripped back industrial feel with the white plaster coating. I have chosen to use English Ivy (climbing vines) to drape and wrap around each column possible bring more of that forest and plant life inside.

Image result for vines on white columns

I came across this image at the start of this design process This hotel’s spa in Morocco inspired the layout of my design, by placing the pool area where the columns would stand out in the middle. This columns in this bathing space makes the room look so grand. I can’t have the same effect with the low ceilings in my space, but I am accentuating the features with the vines, the rimu ceiling and water fountain on the back wall into the third small infinity pool.

Ein Spa in Marokko – gehört definitiv zu den Traumzielen, oder?
Hotel Riad Spa Morocco

Kitchen and Bar

The counter tops for the kitchen (where food and drinks are prepped) and the bar (where it’s served), is a a slate of rimu wood. The exterior of the bar is covered in the white stone as the walls while the cabinetry is a white painted pine wood.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is a place of intimacy where one has a private space to rejuvenate, feel energized and cleanse their mind and bodies. The layout of my bathroom/shower/changing area is unisex, however the toilet cubicles and showers are private with the exception of a larger shower room for families or disabled. I want to design this space with the materials to reflect the forest bathing experience, while giving the sense of being cleansed and refreshed.

I was inspired by these images, styles, materials and colour palettes. Overall for the bathroom, the style i have gone for is more or less industrial tropical.

Bathroom materials:

Image result for rimu wood
Ceiling- Rimu Wood
Related image
Wall Tiles- Beveled White Subway Tiles 10×30
White Grout
Floor Tiles- Alchimia Mix 1 Hex 23×26.6
Grey Grout
Related image
Feature Wall Tiles- Aquamarine/Sage Subway Tiles 10×30, White grout

Fittings and Accessories

Shower Head- Antique Copper Shower Head 20.32cm
Metro Toilet
Copper toilet roll holder
Image result for round mirror bathroom small copper frame
Small Round Mirror- Copper Frame, one per cubicle
Sink Tap- Hero Copper Bath Tap
Image result for copper door handles
Copper door handles
Image result for cubby holes white 4x4
Cubbyholes 4×4

Types of plants hanging in the bathroom and pool area

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is untitled-2.jpg

Thankyou. Products

For my bathhouse I have decided to include Thankyou New Zealand products for my users in the bathroom areas. This is such a great company with great values, as 100% of their profits help end global poverty. They fund projects that help get safe water, toilets, hygiene training, safe births and healthcare to empower people in need. Already they have given over $5.8 million and impacted over 780,000 lives.

They make quality products and a purchase of a single one makes a positive impact for the world.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is impact-circle.png
We always have and always will exist 100% for ending the effects of global poverty“.

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