Digital Modelling of Wintergardens



I initially started modelling the Domain Wintergardens on Revit so that I could break down the sections of the glasshouses more easily from each level. This ensured each element was grouped and organized better. First I modelled the columns on the glasshouse structure, then the half walls, windows and lastly arch trusses.

I then imported the file into Rhino 7 as I find tis softer easier to separate layers and model objects faster/more efficiently. I’m also more familiar with Rhino so the tools came more naturally to Boolean, mirror and repeat to create the structure. The ground floor of the gardens proved to be difficult with the stairs sinking in at different levels but this challenged me to overcome this obstacle and play around to find the right tools and technique.

Lastly i imported the rhino file in to Blender as it is a better software for rendering, creating realistic backgrounds, better lighting and cleaner perspective and section drawings. I am also new to blender so adding material texture to the structure is proving to be quite difficult at the moment.


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