Welcome to my design blog

Aleksandra Fletcher

Third Year Spatial Design- AUT


In 2021, I am going into my third year of the Spatial Design course at the Auckland University of Technology. This is the place where I document my journey for particular classes, observing analyzing and developing the design process I undertake in my studio classes.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

What is Spatial Design?

The Spatial Design major is a contemporary multidisciplinary programme that explores space through interior and architectural design, exhibition, event and performance design, visualisation and virtual environments.


Spatial Fabrication
This class explores materiality and design through making, crafting and iteration with the design process. Its very hands-on and useful in design when exploring fabric, texture and colour while exploring abstract concepts in design.

Spatial Design Studio
This is the main design studio class where we focus on one big design project, drafting, sketching, digitalising and modeling a design for given briefs, Its the class which most reflects work as a designer.

Design Theory
This class teaches us the basic design principles and theories. It gets more advanced and intricate in the later years of this class. It gives us lots of literature to read, analyse and reflect on to gain a better knowledge on the wider world of design, history and culture.