( WORKSHOP 07) Sleep/wake: Mapping site: Threshold

In week 4, we started our next project, sleep/wake: mapping site: threshold. First we were introduced to two sites, Albert Park and St Paul St Gallery three. The project aims to analyse and map these two sites, explore the interior properties and constraints and its relationship to the world outside it and in time, as well as exploring the threshold between the spaces in regards to sleep/wake and the experience of dreaming.

Site thresholds:

  • Light/Dark
  • Open/Close
  • Movement/Stasis
  • Noisy/Quite
  • Interior/Exterior

Albert Park

On our walk to Albert Park I got a feel for the space I was in. The park felt very peaceful, tranquil, calming, light, open and filled with movement of people going along with their day.

Quantitative (measurable) and qualitative (experience, senses, social and cultural) site analysis:

These are photos I took from the site which explore the atmosphere of the park.

Sketch of park circle
I made a “mind map” on Photoshop of Albert Park to draw better connection between the place and its location.

Albert Park Information:

Physical Address: 33-43 Princes St, Auckland, 1010

Located in central Auckland, Albert Park is a public park bordered by Wellesley Street East, Princes Street, Bowen Avenue and Kitchener Street. The Park was arranged in the 1880’s and it had views of the city and harbor. The view now are trees and office buildings. The Park also includes mature trees dating back to World War 1.

Albert Park is situated on the remains of Ranipuke, a volcanic cone overlooking the centre of the city. There is no indication that it was one of Auckland’s pa sites, although it is a short distance from Te Reuroa (‘the long outer palisade’), a pa where the High Court now stands. It is also on the ridge, which runs down to the former Point Britomart, where a pa known as Tangihanga Pukeaa (‘the sound of the war Trumpet’) was recorded. With its solid bluestone basalt perimeter wall Albert Barracks was a prominent and impressive construction: a visual focus in addition to being a centre of military and social activities for the growing town of Auckland.

St Paul St Gallery Three

Moving from the peaceful, open, bright park space through to the gallery was a very interesting experience. I found a few threshold moments between these spaces; the bridge going from one space to the other, the stairs leading up to the gallery, the foyer and the door going into the gallery room and the large window within the room. They all expressed moment of transitioning from one space, feeling, time into another where i could retire and sleep.

Address: 63 Wellesley St E, Auckland, 1010

Gallery’s main entrance and foyer. The doors are like a threshold from the exterior outside world to the dimly lit, closed, quite space
From the foyer looking into the gallery (dark/light) Windows act as a threshold into the gallery space
Contrast of dark and light between the foyer and gallery room
Gallery’s main window casting light and shadow into gallery
Transition from light to dark going to back of gallery
The dark/light contrast seen from another perspective (light creeping in to the back)
Light casting into the hallway from the rooms
Lights at the back of gallery illuminating light on the walls

Site Analysis:

(20/03/19) – Workshop 08) Mapping the site

Group site analysis
My site analysis


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