Project 3- Presentation

Reflection on presentation and critique



Awakenings explores the resulting behaviors and feelings of two strangers having to share personal space overnight. When we sleep, we feel more vulnerable to harm within the home. This is predominantly due to the simple, physical fact of being more vulnerable as we lay down and aren’t fully conscious. Specific thought has been put into the bed design to encourage comfort for these strangers in this awkward situation. This design provides flexibility for the guests with respect to their accommodation requirements and their possible intimate connections. Whatever unfolds from this, will awaken pensive feelings and decisions.


I was told that my ideas around the relationship of the strangers in regard to my sleeping platform were insightful. Playing with the idea of a relationship being like a puzzle, challenging yet can be fun, was a good way for my strangers to possibly interact.

I started challenging the relationship of two strangers in the space by making the shower/toilet area not so private (with cracks through the wooden pillars). This forces the strangers some discomfort and forces them to communicate when one uses that space, forces one to look away, or possibly create some romantic or sexual feelings depending on what awakens within them, I was told I could have really pushed my idea further into the kitchen area by making that also a challenge where my strangers could choose their relations as the sleeping platform does.

If I could do this project again with the same concept, I would like to create an eating space or table where the strangers can combine ti eat together or choose to separate their spaces. I could also do this with the bathroom to create some time of screening which can be changed. This would give my strangers full control on what they want to come from their experience, to embrace the stranger or to stay to themselves in their own happy bubble.


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