Formative Presentation

Feedback From Crit

“It’s clear you have undertaken some research into the history of the site and used this to generate your positioning statement. The idea of introducing another colonial glass structure into the Wintergardens to enclose a tea ritual affiliated with Māori medicinal practices could be seen as reiterating a power imbalance already existing within the site. The idea of working with indigenous plants (and possibly introduced plants) to  make flavoured teas could be really promising but these might be better situated in the fernery.”


It was difficult to hear the feedback from my formative presentation as I was really enjoying the direction I was headed in. As I come from an English background I really love the Victorian style of the Wintergardens and saw an opportunity to connect the tea culture of my own to that of Maori practices ad I found their use of tea very intriguing. However I understand that my proposition for a third glasshouse was overly ambitious and obstructing- taking away from the sense of space which is so prominent and beautiful in the gardens. It may also be seen as inappropriate for some and I can see the power imbalance within the stucture and how it is too colonial in some ways. Though I am fascinated by the direction and concept of this tea house intervention, the relocation of it may change my concept entirely- but probably for the better. I can see how the fernery will have a greater connection to Maori and how its more relevant to the context of my concept design.


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