Modelling Threshold

(Workshop 09) Model

Produce 1:50 model of gallery site and threshold design

I have never previously made a scale model before so this was a bit of a challenge, which I found rather fun. For my model I wanted to use various materials to play with colour and finishes. The white foam board is a basic material representing the clean white walls in the existing building. I chose to use a bamboo sheet as the floor to give the space a warm and cozy look, one that looks like a home or a space which is not as cold; it looks more inviting as comfy sheets on a bed do. The thick black foam board I use to represent the contrast of light and darkness within the space. It also represents our minds shutting off to get to sleep. By using black and white foam board, it is easier for me to show the lightness and darkness threshold as well as opening and closing of the eyes and mind during sleep.

All these materials were matte apart from the plastic sheet I also used in the model on top of the higher floor. I wanted a glossy reflective material in the dark area as the mind is thoughtful and reflective. The dreams we have when sleeping reflect our conscience and worries, fears and hopes we may have. The sleep we have can say a lot about ourselves.

It is an experience, walking along a pathway, crossing through a door and or seeing through a window into a different environment. The threshold of light and dark, when crossing from the exterior of the building to the inside is an experience of its own.

I started off constructing the floor of the gallery room. This main room is the only part of the building and floor I wanted to focus on. It is such a large open space with windows placed in interesting places, and some being blocked.

Construction of the walls
Door and windows cut out
Experimental idea I had to make stairs or another structure which didn’t quite work
Building ‘floating’ stairs and a raised second floor
Playing with a “space within a space” concept
Adding a mirror into the space
Exploring potential ideas to interfere with the light and shadows from the two side windows
Playing with another concept as an “obstacle course” for one to move through the space

Final Model


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