Project 2- Presentation

Presentation and Reflection


When considering my sleep/wake experience, it became clear to me that I need complete and total darkness to get to sleep. My eyes are very sensitive to light and any peak of it can disturb my ability to fall asleep. With St Paul Street Gallery 3, I wanted to reflect the conditions I needed to begin my mind and bodies rest. I have explored the notions of light and exposure, filtration and reflection through the space, and how it works in relation to my mind and conscience. In contrast, I wanted to reflect the experience of darkness and the quietness it brings when surrounded by it for sleeping, The stairs which are built wall to wall entice you to go through the archway into the dark space. Its reflectiveness is similar to a pool of water where one flows into the depths of sleep.

Aleks Fletcher – 18036662

Critiques and Reflection

I had been given some good critiques and comments about my project which could help me with my next one. I was told that my ‘threshold’ drawing was nice and that my portrayal of light and darkness in the space was ghostly. However, the contrast that I represented light and darkness was very sharp and would have been more effective it was more gradual (had a third are in between). It would have made for a smoother transition and not be so literal. I can take this into account for my next project with two strangers, creating a gradual transito=ion into darkness where two starngers sleep.


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