Program and Sketch Design

Design Brief

In the final stage of this design studio SLEEP / WAKE: TWO STRANGERS, i’m asked to develop your SLEEP / WAKE: SITE MAPPING: THRESHOLD concept design into an unconventional accommodation for two strangers. Design a place for two strangers to stay temporarily and experience the threshold between waking and sleeping in a new light.

Sketch Design and Prototypes

When considering the previous thresholds of my sleep/wake experience in relation to a space for two strangers to sleep, I initially though of sleeping platforms that would completely separate these strangers. My first drawings and prototypes were to give two strangers complete privacy as they make themselves vulnerable to their in environment in their sleep.

Initial sketches of first designs
Prototype for design 1 “Dog House”
Prototype for design 2 “Rocking Bed”

I wasn’t too happy with either of these designs, and I wanted to open up the relationship between the two strangers more, making it challenging and forcing interaction.

I then made a design where the beds are attached to the wall “floating”, with a canopy of ribbon and foil above, around and between them. This would push for interaction with the space and between the strangers, breaking the ice with a distraction of movement and something to look at/play with.

I started building a model based on the third design but allso wasn’t satisfied. I liked the direction I was going with though, encouraging interaction between the strangers.


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