Week 6- Design Concept + Formative Checkpoint

Design Proposal

I want to design a bathhouse, open to the public, fitting around 14-16 people, open to local kiwi families and individuals. I want this bath house not just to cultivate a sense of relaxation, but to inspire the practice of Japanese forest bathing- shinrin-yoku, for people to experience this tranquil, decluttered space to take time out, away from urban environments and technology, to clear the mind and focus on ones mind and body- re-center with oneself.

Initial Sketch Up- first drawing of this design
1:100 drawing on site plan

My Model- Formative

Inspiration from Rotorua’s History

The design of the pools/baths, the white stone wall and infinity pool style was inspired by the old Pink and White Terraces that existed in the Bay of Plenty inspired my design. My design includes three pools- a kiddie pool about 500 mm deep, the main pool 1200 mm deep, with a step for the bar making it 1100mm deep. The smalest pool is 700mm deep with a seat 300mm from the ground.

Pink and White Terrace
Pink and White Terraces ( Te Otukapuarangi )- Bay of Plenty

The Pink and White terraces were natural wonders of New Zealand. They were reportedly the largest silica sinter deposits on earth.  Until recently, they were lost and thought destroyed in the 1886 eruption on Mount Tarawera, while new hydrothermal features formed to the south-west i.e. Waimangu Volcanic Rift Valley.

The Pink and White Terraces were formed by upwelling geothermal springs containing a cocktail of silica-saturated, near-neutral pH chloride water. These two world-famous springs were part of a group of hot springs and geysers, chiefly along an easterly ridge named Pinnacle Ridge.

Water feature

On my design I have a garden wall growing where the spa is, and the wall along the kiddie pool is made of white marble stone tiles with a trickling water feature and a warm white LED strip to highlight this further.

Trickling water feature along kiddie pool wall

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