Week 8- Sections and Floor Plans

This week we looked into the environment surrounding our bathhouse and how the atmosphere and environmental conditions can be captured in our section drawings.

Looking at examples online

Related image
Gallery of Villa S2 MARC architects

This digitally made section is very clean and holds an interesting colour palette which creates a misty/moody atmosphere. The slight transparency of other objects and shapes subtly show the layers of buildings and mountain which may be in the background. Even with the trees, some are darker and some lighter which shows depth in the environment.

Image result for section drawing with sky
Source Unkown

This looks to be quite a simple and effective section created digitally. It has many figures which is good for size comparison. The trees, sky and birds add to create some sense of what the environment is like.

Image result for beautiful section drawings
Regional Holcim Awards 2011 for Africa Middle East
Bronze: Training center for sustainable construction: East elevation and longitudinal section.

I love the style of this section. The colours are very earthy and organic, however it does not show much life with the surrounding area.

Landscape presentation board
Source Unknown

This is a beautifully displayed panel with a plan, section and elevation which describes the plant species surrounding the structure. It also shows the atmosphere and the environment around it. The positioning of the drawings is well thought out and the colours make the drawings more effective in the sense it’s trying to convey.

My Section and Floor Plan

1:100 Bathhouse Floor Plan- Hand drawn and scanned
1:100 Bathhouse Floor Plan- hand drawn, scanned and edited on Photoshop
Bathhouse Section (1:100)

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