Week 10- Edge Condition and Filter system

Pool Edge Conditions

The primary purpose of adding coping to pools is to direct splash out away from the pool and into the deck drains. It also gives swimmers a safe and sturdy way to enter and exit poolside while reducing the risk of slipping.

The coping i’m using in my design is by enlarging the pool’s pine decking and extending it slightly over the edge of the pool, all the way around its perimeter. This creates a smooth, seamless look.

Image result for pool coping diagram
Image result for wood pool edging
Example of wood coping around a pool


Natural pools are a chemical-free, relatively low-tech and affordable way to create an eco-friendly outdoor fresh water pools.

In a chemical free swimming pool, as designed by Natural Pools NZ, the water is firstly filtered through a biological filter. This filter can be either sand or gravel.
Millions of microorganisms that settle in these filters purify the water by breaking down organic matter into inorganic forms of phosphorous. This process is known as mineralisation.

Phosphorous can then be taken up by a secondary, special phosphor filter and is thus less available as nutrient for algae, therefore keeping the algae growth at a minimum. Together these two filter systems produce crystal clear water. In addition phosphorous can also be utilised by plants in a regeneration area.

Image result for natural pool filtration system


The pools can be heated up to 27 degrees Celsius with the addition of a heat pump heating system (pictured left below), or a solar power heating system (pictured right below). Due to the location, surrounding environment and seasonal weather conditions (unpredictable sun exposure to solar power system) – i have chosen to go forward with the heat pump system.


Ventilation and air circulation are essential features of bathhouses and buildings alike. A key feature of my design is the ability to open a large section of the wall when the bathhouse is in use, that is adjacent to the pocket forest. This in addition to my natural pool style of filtration, and use of fresh water instead of chlorinated or salt water, leads to the use of traditional ventilation systems unnecessary – as there will be significant natural pure air and air flow as is.


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