Context and Responding to Brief

Spatial Fabrication III- UNDER GLASS

Auckland Domain Wintergardens

Aleks Fletcher


Personal Aims

In undertaking this major project what do you hope to learn?

In this project I would love to deepen my designer skill set, improve the quality of my digital and hand drawings working thoughtfully, professionally and create a quality project i am proud of. In addition, I would like to further my understanding of design styles, architects and other artists I can draw inspiration from and build my contextual knowledge of design itself. It may also be useful to understand the deep history of Auckland and all its aspect (i.e. historical, cultural, geological, technological, social etc.) and gain a deeper understanding of Maori heritage and considering the Te Arana principles in any design of a public or private space in New Zealand.

What new methods can you explore to build your spatial design skill set?
I haven’t been confident enough to render many images on digital modeling software such as Rhino and I believe that its essential to get skilled with this for my future design carrier. I would like to push myself outside of my comfort zone and polish up my digital skills for this project. I would like to play with paint as and abstract medium to have fun, be creative, explore and experiment new ways of conceptualizing ideas through the act of mark making, splattering, smearing etc. I may also like to try out cast making or other physical mediums which I can manipulate to create new forms. Laser cutting may also be a medium I wish to try out and explore. My goal is to try out new methods in this project to deepen my understanding and skill set to become a better designer and artist. I have been too afraid to try out new methods in the past but this is the year to give everything a goal I can.

The Brief

The Site

Context Talk: With Ian Henderson

The Winter Gardens: Empire, Zebras and the Wardian Case

Impressions of Site and Research

First impressions of the space

I really like plants, nature, botanical studies and I think this site is very exciting for this project as it reflects my personal interests and arts studies. I find the structure of the glasshouses quite spectacular and I’m curious to know how they were built.

Interests in my research

The promenade of the gardens was inspired by the tradition of Burnham’s World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago (1893) and the Beaux-arts classicism style. I found this bit of research very interesting. I would love to delve deeper in the art style which the Wintergardens were built as well as the history and meanings of the many sculptures found in the gardens.

Program/brief pathway I might pursue

I find the exhibition brief the most fascinating because it allows for the most creative freedom. I would love to create a space which embodies the rich history of the gardens as well as the atmosphere- gentleness of flower, nature. I also love the idea of the relationship humans have to nature so that might be interesting to explore in my project. I may also like to pursue the food brief. People may connect more with the space if they are prompted to sit down and indulge in the sense of taste and smell. It allows people the chance to absorb themselves in their surroundings. I think a space such as a tea room would encompass my goals for the brief.


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