Concept Planning and Feedback

Peer Review Notes:

  • There aren’t any lights in the space? Can i play with lighting to create a feature of my experience?
  • Consider water and flow- where are sources of water on the site and how can I connect it in to my design to create movement and sound
  • Think about spirits and ancestors- can I represent my walk through sculptures as Maori beings or add a sense of magic to my proposal?
  • Make your design more specific to the site’s contexts (relate/bigger relationship)
  • Go beyond the 5 senses of a sensorial experience- gravity/balance, feel of water
  • Uncover your design gradually on the walk- following the trail
  • Stream around the area used to provide nourishment for people- can relate to providing nutrition and nutrients for insects and birds
  • Research into sustainable and recycled materials
  • Nature in the gardens are protected and have freedom to grow a bit wild which contrasts the control of nature outside the gardens (urbanization, colonization). Starting to raise awareness of preservation outside the bubble of restricted areas
  • Tea room idea has a bigger connection to the site- directly targets a re-designing of the Wintergardens and tradition of afternoon tea after the Wintergardens style or architecture
  • How can I connect the idea colonization of Aotearoa including specific historical events to my proposal?

Feedback from 1:1

  • biomimicry, sensory experience, confinement/micro-climate and sustainability are all methods to approach your design
  • you can go more in depth in your design about sustainability issue. The past and future are important to consider but not as important as the present , action, how people currently will experience the space. Consider the rain water system and current environmental issues we face. Maybe do a water collection in the fernery- how does the rain look falling down in there and how it can be collected. Flower beds can have a water garden system
  • look at some examples of biomimicry and sensory experiences for inspiration
  • biomimicry is a concept that doesn’t have much purpose to it- example of sculpture garden in Singapore which looked cool but didn’t have much purpose- why implement something artificial?
  • The tea room is a good idea- how it links to the style of the gardens
  • Any design concept is a good one if you have done a lot of research of the site to be a better designer, and if the design has purpose and connection to the place in some way whether it has significance to what you are interested
  • To get a better idea with scale and you design- model 3D perspectives and design iterations whether its with clay, hand drawn or digital. Fabricate through laser cutting patterns too
  • What do you want your design to express and why is it relevant? What is its poetic? What is its purpose? What is its value?
  • Why is your design addition important in a contemporary context?
  • Research Te Arana principles and Maori idea of whenua (land).  How might the culturally specific ideas behind the Winter Gardens converse with indigenous thinking?
  • Look into planting guidance around the gardens as maintaining the ‘arts and crafts’ style and other requirements
  • Consider furniture fabrication and design, tile design, stained glass or wall pergola grid, flower beds
  • inspiration for biomimicry and sensory experience


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