Design Iteration I- The Tea House

The Tea Room

Taking a different approach to the project: The Tea Room


After peer feedback and a 1:1 with Rafik, I considered deeply what the purpose of my design proposal would be. A clear and strong purpose makes for a strong design and I felt as though the path I was going on did not have a clear enough purpose. Although I liked the concept of a sculptural garden walk incorporating elements of nature (biomimicry) using sustainable materials, the project direction didn’t have a large enough driving factor aside from artistic and aesthetic reasons.

With further consideration I feel as though I can expand more thoroughly on my first initial concept when visiting the gardens for the first time. Following your gut instincts and design hunches can sometimes lead to great outcomes. With thoughtfulness to the poetic, considering what values my design will stand for, I was able to entrust deeper meaning to ‘the tea room’ concept.

Topics of Interest

  • Culture of Maori and English with Tea- ritual they can share
  • Sustainability of culture
  • Nature being the bridge between the two cultures- similarity and differences of our cultures
  • NZ landscape, geology and shapes of nature tied in with English Victorian architecture style
  • Nature is organic and flowing whereas Victorian consists of straight lines and angles

Project Plan

To do this week:

  • Define what you are interested with the site/new iteration of mind map
  • Collages of inspiration
  • Tea room styles
  • Project Plan sheet
  • Re-write positional statement
  • Material research- wrought and cast iron, victorian style columns
  • Laser cut 2 (make pattern for it) and wood work 1
  • make 4 design plan iterations

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